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Suzanne Whitby

Suzanne Whitby

“The most important tool that we have in our arsenal is a simple question. That question is, ‘What if…'”

I’m Suzanne Whitby and I started Peak to Deep in 2018 because I was frustrated at the lack of action around environmental disruption and climate change.

In my work as a communication specialist working with (mostly) natural and climate scientists, I know that understanding the challenge is only part of the solution. We need to make sure that people have the information they need to understand the urgency of the problems facing us, AND we need to find ways to cut through the apathy, overwhelm, feelings of powerlessness, and the all-too-human tendency to make short sighted decisions because life is busy and complicated enough.

With that in mind, I have spent the last four years creating a suite of workshops, event formats and experiences that are fun, engaging, and that prompt people to shift attitudes and behaviours. Some I’ve created myself, but many of the workshops and experiences have been created by people far more knowledgeable than me, and are based on robust research into climate change, sustainability, and decision making. As a professional facilitator and trainer, with a background in communication and years of interest in creating communities, I seem to have the right combination of skills to bring people together, raise awareness and engagement, and guide conversations in the right direction to make this venture a success.

My aim with Peak to Deep is to help people envision a new future, one in which things are better than expected, and take practical steps to make that world a reality. I believe that positive change is possible, and that we can make change happen on many levels across our unequal and often unfair societies. I’m betting on humanity defying the odds and creating a bright future.

Professionally, I am a communication skills trainer at SciComm Success where I help scientists and academics communicate better. I also run a small consultancy called Whitbys where I offer my skills as a professional facilitator to empower groups and organisations have conversations about climate change and sustainability, spot opportunities and risks, and devise strategies to future-proof themselves.

I am an oral storyteller with an interest in the sensorium, and am studying towards a PhD that explores stories, the senses, and environmental thinking and action.

In my free time, I am an endlessly curious reader, writer, long-distance walker, scuba diver, perfume maker, community builder and entertainer, continually working on treading more lightly on the earth.