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About us

In a nutshell: we help people make sense of environmental disruption and climate change, work out what needs to be cone to tackle today’s sustainability challenges, and take practical steps towards creating a future that is bright for people and planet.

Who we are

Peak to Deep was started in 2018 by Suzanne Whitby, a woman on a mission to empower individuals and groups to take action and make a difference in the face of today’s sustainability chellenges.

Today, we are a small team of facilitators, trainers, climate communicators, natural scientists, social scientists, and future thinkers who believe that it is still possible to act on climate and environmental disruption and create a better future for people and the life that surrounds us on the planet. We focus on climate and environmental training that informs, engages, and inspires, and that leads to increased awareness, activation, and action.

Who we are
What we do

What we do

If we want to overcome today’s environmental and climate-related challenges, we need to be able to talk about the problems, work out our role in the solution, and take action to co-create a better word – for ourselves, for generations to come, and for all life on earth.

The thing is that talking about climate change and environmental disruption is hard. It can be overwhelming, complicated, depressing. That’s why we run workshops, events and experiences that are short, fun, engaging, and informative, so that we can cut through the “blah blah blah” and create transformational experiences that result in insights, ideas, and action.

What to expect from our approach

Our facilitated workshops combine robust content with experiential learning to ensure that participants engage, understand, and have a bit of fun, too! Here’s what you can expect from our approach.

Backed by data

Our workshops and training content is based on current material from robust, peer-reviewed sources like the IPCC reports and reputable producers like the Carbon Literacy Project.

Engaging & interactive

We combine short and informative content sessions with participatory activities, discussions, reflections in plenary, and space for participants to breathe, absorb, reflect, and commit to actions.


A safe space

We create learning environments that are safe spaces where all voices are valued and there are no stupid questions, which results in rich discussions and leads to ideas and action.