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We run regular events each month, online and onsite, to help you make sense of environmental disruption and climate change, and find ways to tackle the challenges. See what’s on and book your place.

Of course I know about climate change, but I didn’t fully appreciate how complex the problems were and how interconnected all the parts were. I feel that I learned so much about both the situation we’ve managed to get ourselves into, as well as how powerful we as individual are if we use our voices and the way we live to make good decisions.
Shirley in Perth, Australia

Graphic Designer

When we started talking about how to fix things, I kept coming up with solutions like “plant more trees across Canada” or “get China and India to shut down their coal mines”. The more we linked the causes with consequences, the more it became apparent that climate change doesn’t have a single, simple solution. Wildfires happen. Millions of people are dependent on technology that the West can choose not to use. The problem needs all our contributions. I’ve already recommended this internally: everyone in my organisation needs to do this workshop.
Tom in Vancouver, Canada

IT Engineer

Frequently asked questions

I can't find exactly what I need. Can you help?

If you’re not sure what you need, or you’ve taken a look at our workshops and want something a little bit different, let’s have a conversation. We often create customised workshops to meet niche requirements.

To make things simple, why not book a 30 minute call directly into our calendar? We’d love to hear more about your goals and help you explore your options and what approaches might serve you best.

Can you run a workshop for my organisation or group?

Yes, we’d love to! Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Could you run one of your workshops for our conference or membership event?

Yes! Building a future in which we all thrive is relevant across industries and professions. We’d love to run a workshop that gets people talking and that ties into your event! Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Do you offer workshops and experiences for children?

Yes! Some of our workshops, like the Ecological Handprint, Future Stories and Climate Fresk, have versions that are suitable for younger children. We can also run storytelling, crafting, and book-related events with activities to set curious minds alight and to support teachers and parents.

Ask us for details.

What can I expect from a Peak to Deep experience?

Engagement is vital. Without it, we lose people. Here’s what you can expect from our approach:

  • Workshops and experiences that are fun, engaging, and informative.
  • Honesty about the challenges we face, and a conscious focus on what we can do to make a positive impact. Think “hopeful” rather than “doom and gloom”.
  • Content based on information from robust, peer-reviewed sources like the IPCC reports and reputable producers like the Carbon Literacy Project.
  • A blend of short and informative presentations, individual and group activities, small group discussions, reflections in plenary, and space for participants to breathe, absorb, reflect, and commit to actions.
  • Facilitated sessions that are engaging and enjoyable, and designed to encourage conversation and dialogue.
  • Learning environments that are safe spaces where all voices are valued and there are no stupid questions.

Where can I find dates for your events?

You can look at our events page or find our events on Eventbrite.

Would you be willing to speak at our next event?

Yes. Our founder, Suzanne Whitby, talks about sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, climate solutions, storytelling, communication and community. She’s also interested in outreach, the sensorium and engagement. If any of these sound interesting, get in touch with her to chat through ideas and let’s see what happens!

I have another question

Great! We’d love to hear it. Get in touch and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.