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Climate Fresk

The Climate Fresk workshop (formerly Climate Collage) is a three-hour experience that invites small groups to co-create the complex picture of climate change using 42 cards based on the latest and most robust scientific research into climate disruption, specifically the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.

The workshop has a head, heart and hands approach (knowledge, emotion, action) and is an engaging and interactive workshop that builds knowledge and drives engagement and action. Ideal for individuals interested in increasing awarenesses, and for groups and organisations seeking to kick-start sustainability and NetZero initiatives.

Our workshops are led by professional facilitators who are also certified Climate Fresk facilitators.

3 hours (workshop with no additions)

Facilitated workshop with card game and debriefing. Can take place online or onsite.

Up to 16 participants per facilitator. For more participants, additional facilitators are provided.

Want to offer a Climate Fresk workshop to your organisation, university, school, or community group?

We’d love to help! Simply get in touch with us and we can have a quick chat about what you want to achieve and how we can help you.

About Climate Fresk

Climate Fresk was developed is 2015 by Cédric Ringenbach, an engineer and lecturer and consultant in energy transition for companies and organisations. For more information about Climate Fresk, please visit: https://climatefresk.org.

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