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“Speed Date” a Climate Scientist

Our “Speed Dating” events aren’t about dating. They are about everyday people having an opportunity to meet and have a brief conversation with experts in a range of fields, including climate science, natural science, medicine, social science, activism and more.

You’ll have an opportunity to have 7 10-minute conversations with our experts, learning a bit about what they do and asking questions about how their knowledge can inform the way that you think and act in terms of people, planet, and economy – because there is a fine balance to be found between all three.

2 hours (including registration and breaks)

In-person over drinks as well as online via Zoom.

Varies based on venue.

About “Speed Date a Climate Scientist”

This event was inspired by Pint of Science Belgium’s 2019 initiative and adapted by Suzanne Whitby, founder of Peak to Deep, to connect scientists with non-experts in an informal setting.

Available dates

Coming soon.